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Read how treatment at Oaklea Osteopathy in Chelmsford has helped others

“I had already had treatment from a physio and chiropractor and I was not convinced this would work, but I was put at ease immediately and had good results from the first session. This treatment came after 18 months of alternative treatment and has been the most successful. It was adapted as I made progress and allowed me to finish treatment pain free.

I was given very clear advice about exercises for home, which were not too demanding and were changed as required. I think Amanda was able to assess my condition very quickly and treat accordingly.

I was really impressed with the treatment I received, the professionalism of the clinic and the advice given and most importantly, how at ease I was made to feel. I have already recommended your service to other people!”
C.Bourke, 42, Braintree

“I have found Amanda to take an approach that I didn’t expect, always gentle and comfortable, but effective. I had assumed treatment needed to be uncomfortable to be effective, but found this not to be the case.

(Information and advice) is always helpful, with it being explained what is wrong, what I can do to try and alleviate, and exercises at home.
K.Stoodley, 38, South Woodford

“Everything is dealt with in a very welcoming, professional, kind and considerate way and I am happy with all aspects of the clinic.

Amanda always takes time before every appointment to find out how things have gone and I am satisfied that the treatment I have received is benefiting me greatly.

Amanda has been able to give me answers and advice on any queries I may have and I never feel rushed or go away feeling unsatisfied with any aspects of my treatment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice.”
G.Crook, 61, Wickford

“I have been really satisfied with the professionalism of service, booking process by email worked best for me with emails always being answered promptly.
Good range of treatment options that have reduced my pain symptoms.

Really professional service from Amanda and I would have no hesitation in using her services again or recommending the practice to others.”
J.Randell, 39, Chelmsford

“I have had treatments when my back is very sore and have always been pleased with the results.

Amanda is very professional in a relaxed way and explains all treatments and on-going exercises.
I am very happy to be treated at Oaklea Osteopathy and to recommend Amanda.”
M.Cootes, 45, Chelmsford

“My mind was made up as soon as I spoke to you on the phone – you made me feel at ease.

Incredibly good knowledge and advice given for homework!
Very good osteopath who I would, and have, recommended.”
L.Blackwell, 44, Chelmsford

“Amanda sorts me out in one or two visits. I would recommend her.”
M.Miller, 67, Chelmsford

“I have received excellent service in a very professional manner.

Whilst my condition did require surgery the treatment given provided relief from pain and a few visits post-surgery gave me great confidence in my recovery.

Very satisfied with information and advice provided. I was grateful for Amanda taking the time to write to my GP giving details of my symptoms.”
A.Harris, 66, Chelmsford

“Extremely satisfied with the clinic, treatment received and advice given.

What would I do without you!”
B.Smith, 66, Chelmsford

“The treatment was explained before my first visit. The whole experience was very professional – efficient booking system and treatment room was excellent.

I had two treatment sessions and after the second treatment my problem was satisfactorily resolved.”
A.Thomas, 73, Chelmsford

“I used Amanda for the first time some weeks ago and she very gently sorted my back problem. I saw her yesterday and she used ultrasound which has greatly eased my back.

Amanda explains everything about your problem and treats accordingly with care. I would have no trouble recommending Amanda to others.”
B.Ault, Chelmsford

“Just over a year ago I had a very painful time which was caused by wear and tear in my spine.
Thanks to Amanda I have been able to lead a far more active and pain free life.”

M. Bryant, Chelmsford

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