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Modern Acupuncture (Dry Needling)

Amanda uses “Modern” acupuncture in her clinic, sometimes called “Western” acupuncture or Dry Needling. Modern acupuncture is based on the science of anatomy and physiology and fine needles are inserted into muscles to cause a positive change in the body’s nervous system. It is thought that inserting a fine needle causes the brain to release natural opioids, which are the body’s own analgesic response to pain. The result can be a reduction in pain levels, an increased tolerance to pain and a feeling of relaxed well-being. Modern, western acupuncture has evolved from traditional Chinese acupuncture which works with imbalances in the flow of “qi” along meridians or energy lines.

Amanda uses acupuncture to complement osteopathic treatment when she thinks it may help to improve her patients’ symptoms more effectively. It may not be appropriate for all patients, and many disorders settle well without acupuncture, but it can be particularly useful for chronic, long standing pain or stiffness. As with other treatment techniques employed, acupuncture will always be discussed with you first and you will be given every opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Does it hurt?

Most patients report acupuncture needling causes minimal discomfort, and some feel nothing at all or find the experience relaxing. For those patients who experience discomfort during treatment, this is usually no more than that encountered when giving blood or having an injection. Acupuncture needles are very fine, and are typically used in superficial muscle tissue. The initial scratch when they first pierce the skin often settles to mild discomfort or a vague awareness when they are in place.

Is it safe?

Amanda uses sterile acupuncture needles which are only used once on each patient and are safely disposed of after use. Both the practice and Amanda have been registered to carry out acupuncture by Chelmsford City Council, and Amanda is fully insured to carry out the treatment. Amanda will discuss benefits of treatment and any possible side effects with you prior to treatment to ensure you are happy to proceed.

Is it used at the same time as my osteopathic treatment or in a separate appointment?

Amanda uses acupuncture as part of your osteopathic treatment if she thinks it will be beneficial to you. Typically she uses acupuncture at the start of a treatment session, and needles are in place for one to two minutes prior to removing them and continuing with your osteopathic treatment. Used in this way, acupuncture can help to relax surrounding muscles and ease pain levels, which in turn helps the body to respond better to hands on osteopathic techniques.

Will it cost more?

No. Any acupuncture you receive is included in your treatment price.

How many sessions will I need?

Amanda will discuss this with you as part of your overall treatment needs. Typically 2-3 sessions may be recommended initially to see if acupuncture is going to benefit you.


“I have been really satisfied with the professionalism of service, booking process by email worked best for me with emails always being answered promptly. Good range of treatment options that have reduced my pain symptoms.

Really professional service from Amanda and I would have no hesitation in using her services again or recommending the practice to others.”
J.Randell, 39, Chelmsford

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