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Neck Pain Chelmsford

Neck pain is very common and can be extremely debilitating. The neck or cervical spine is made up of seven vertebrae with discs between them that act as our shock absorbers. Our necks support the weight of our heads which are heavy. There are many muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels in and around the joints in the neck. These structures can become tight, stiff, irritated and inflamed resulting in pain.

Where pain can be felt:

  • Either side or both sides of the neck
  • Pain can radiate into the head at the base or either side
  • Headaches have many causes, but can be as a result of neck problems
  • Pain can refer into the upper back (thoracic spine), shoulders or arms
  • Nerve pain can occur in the arm and hand when nerves are irritated and inflamed in the neck

Problems which can cause neck pain:

  • Incorrect posture – examples include poor posture at work, driving long distances, looking down at mobile devices or to read books and watching TV at an awkward angle
  • Spondylosis – osteoarthritis or “wear & tear” changes can cause stiffness and inflammation
  • “Trapped” nerves – a way of describing nerves that have become compressed or irritated & inflamed by problems in the neck
  • Disc bulges, prolapses or herniation
  • Muscle imbalance – where we spend so much of our time doing activities in front of us, muscles at the front of the shoulders and chest get tighter, muscles at the back get longer, weaker and stressed and pain can result from that imbalance.

How can osteopathy help?

At Oaklea Osteopathy in Chelmsford, experienced osteopath Amanda Miles will assess you fully by taking a detailed case history and examining you. Treatment is always tailored to individual needs and may include gentle stretching of the soft tissues and mobilising of joints where appropriate. Treatment is followed by advice about ways you can help things along at home, and where appropriate exercises are also provided.

Amanda will always try to give you an idea of how long your particular problem may take to settle, but please bare in mind that how quickly we heal is influenced by many factors such as lifestyle, existing levels of fitness and our general health.

Occasionally, there may be a need to refer you back to your GP if Amanda thinks you may benefit from further investigation or tests. Amanda will always discuss this with you first.

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